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Where do people most often search for products or services? On Google. We’ll ensure your business is spotted there.

What is Google Ads? (for non-techie people)

Imagine you’ve got a lemonade stand and you want more people to know about it. Google Ads is like a digital signboard that promotes your lemonade stand to people when they’re online, particularly if they’re searching for lemonade or something similar.

When someone types “best lemonade near me” into Google, your stand’s advert might appear right at the top of their search results. If they click on it, they’ll find out more about your lemonade stand.

The best part? You only pay for the advert if someone actually clicks on it to learn more. So, it’s like paying a small amount each time someone shows interest in your lemonade by clicking on your advert.


What is The Process?

STEP: 1/3

Strategy call

We’ll start off by having a conversation about your company. We’ll then set goals and strategies to reach those goals. Additionally, we’ll analyze your competitors and conduct relevant marketing research.

We’ll cover:

STEP: 2/3

Crafting Your Google Ads Campaign

Once we’ve pinned down key details – from your ambitions and operational area to your advertising budget – we set our sights on the campaign’s preparation. This phase is where we truly roll up our sleeves. We delve deep into the market, sussing out your competition. Armed with meticulous keyword analysis tailored to your business, we set up your bespoke Google Ads account and let our magic unfold.

STEP: 3/3

Campaign optimisations and reporting

The third phase involves rolling out finely-tuned advertising campaigns. We’re always on our toes, meticulously refining strategies to boost the potency of your adverts. We craft each advert to deeply resonate with your audience, ensuring we achieve the most bang for your buck in terms of conversions.

Furthermore, communication is at the heart of our service; we stay in regular touch, delving into the campaign’s outcomes and furnishing you with comprehensive reports.

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